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About Maritime Capacity Alliance

Welcome to the website of the Maritime Capacity Alliance (MCA). The MCA is an alliance that consists of the maritime industry and (inter)national partners. This alliance shares knowledge, innovates and collaborates in order to realise an agile, reciprocal and sustainable partnership in the field of strategic sea transport, maintenance and education within the maritime domain.

The purpose of the MCA is:

  • To jointly have a pool with guaranteed and diverse sea transport capacity;
  • To learn and gain experience from each other's "best practices" and combine each other's distinctive qualities;
  • To jointly contribute to the sustainable development of a workforce for the maritime sector.


Strengthening sea transport and training capacity, as well as the reciprocal deployment of people, resources and manners with the industry is an initiative of the Ministry of Defense. “From defensive to adaptive” has been an important goal since 2017 throughout the Defense organization. In the past 9 months, pilots have been run with shipowners in the areas of strategic transport, education, knowledge sharing and innovation. During these pilots it was investigated in what ways we can strengthen each other and how we can use people, resources and manners in a reciprocal way. 

The results of these pilots were so positive for all partners that we want to guarantee this civil-military cooperation for the longer term, expanding it with multiple chain partners. The Ministry of Defense intents to become a partner in this alliance. The MCA then forms a new step in the context of the Total Force.

Below you can view the video of the pilots that were carried out:


The MCA strives for a growing win-win for the partners involved. The experience gained in the pilots will form a basis for building a wider national network of cooperating organizations in the maritime sector. We are communicating the developments of this initiative through various channels, including this website and our social media channels.


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Participants Maritime Capacity Alliance


Are you interested in the MCA? We look forward to get in touch. You can reach Lotte Loeber via the contact details below.

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